lists, liquor, and listening
a club
Notes is listening, sharing, and connecting.
Every other week, one person curates a set of at least 5 songs for the other members and pairs that with a liquor to sip during the listening session.
Meet and listen. That's it. The curator of the session will play the songs they've chosen in any order, at any volume, and any number of times they want. Everyone is silent.
After each track or after a series of tracks, the group will simply react. No reaction is wrong and any reaction is welcome (except fake or purposely pretentious ones.)
upcoming sessions
November 13th, 2016
Curator: Chris Montes
November 20th, 2016
Curator: Mitch Cuevas
Why 'notes'?
We call it 'notes' because notes of 3 kinds are at the core of every session: The notes in the music, in the spirits, and all the ones we take down and discuss.