OCtober 2rd, 2016

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Curator: Chris Montes
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For Page Two of notes, we are taking a journey through Frank Ocean's life and discography. As a musical savant that has not only been a pioneer in the music industry but also a figure for the LGBT community, Frank's art has had a far-reaching effect across many layers of society. For our very first single-artist notes session, there couldn't have been a better choice.
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Mixtape: nostalgia, ultra
Frank's first ever single off of his first mixtape.

  • Everyone loves this song. Great beat, great lyrics, fun song to listen to.
  • Talks about drugs, girl who does porn while in school, Frank's relationship with all of that.
  • Commentary on newer generations being numb to society and just experimenting, doing things they want to, having a good time.
Album: channel orange
Frank wrote this song for someone else but it got leaked as a reference track.
  • Beautiful song, carried through Frank's incredible voice, pleasant listen for everyone.
  • One line in the song changes the trajectory of Frank's career and life, talking about experiencing love to a man for the first time.
  • Frank goes on to post note on his Tumblr describing the experience that led him to write this song.
  • Discussion about the homophobia of hip hop and r&b and Frank breaking barriers.
Album: channel orange
Frank's masterpiece - 10 minute story about a relationship with a stripper with multiple beat switches
  • Long song, drastically different than the previous two. A lot more production, synths, music was heavier.
  • Hard to make out what he was talking about. Hints of Egypt, Cleopatra, what is the connection?
  • Three different songs in one, could be split. A turning point in Frank Ocean's music production - a lot more intentional and creative.
Song: IVY
Album: blonde
First single from the new album.

  • Blake's favorite song on the album.
  • Group notices new sound, less music, more vocally driven.
  • Simple chord progression is the whole tempo of the song.
  • Doesn't resonate with group as much as earlier songs, particularly first two. People longing for nostalgia, ultra sound.
Song: SOLO
Album: blonde
Ivo's dark horse favorite song of the album.
  • Very bare bones, no drums, just Frank singing and minimal guitar in the back. Hard to like at first listen.
  • Inhale (in hell) there is heaven - duality conversation. Bull & matador dueling similar idea.
  • New type of music for Frank Ocean for sure, but is it better because experts say it is? Do reviews drive a narrative that is planned but not consistent with reality?
  • Will this album/sound stand the test of time?
Album: blonde
The best song overall on Blonde.

  • Another longer song, another really good beat switch. People love the music again.
  • Dan has a hard time tracking without lyrics. Would be helpful to have lyrics around for full analysis.
  • Two stories again in one song. Were they connected and how well?
  • Chris is loving the vybe of Frank, good music to smoke to and chill out, ponder, contemplate.
  • Lyric that "every night fucks every day up, every day patches the night up" sparks a great conversation.
Curator: Ivo Andov
Growing up in Macedonia, Ivo used to read and recite Eminem & 2Pac lyrics to expand his English, which should give you a good idea of his vocabulary today. An avid hip hop, r&b, and electronic music fan, you will often find him dancing at local shows, dancing at friend's parties, or dancing on his Vespa.