February 26th, 2017

page six

Curator: Mitchell Cuevas
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For this session, I am going to play a few songs in a particular order to show the progression of what have been listening to lately as influenced by the notes crew.
session playlist

This week I brought out the first cider. This represented the fact the same idea that was in the music in the sense that cider is very much a 'me' thing to drink, but this cider had new elements infused into it.

It also works well in that it is taken a darker flavor and lightening it up with fruit elements, I feel that with artists like R.LUM.R in the playlist, the same thing is happening. A dark topic or minimalistic beat is augmented by elements from electronic music, and then for the drops, ultimately fused together.
Curator: Mitchell Cuevas
Mitchell must have ancestors from Toronto, he's firmly entrenched in the sounds of the 6 right now, but his music taste tends to shift dramatically, albeit slowly, over time. The result is an eclectic collection and confusing concert attendance history.